About Us

CRCA UK is the United Kingdom branch of the Close Range Combat Academy for Wing Chun Gung Fu.

We have Wing Chun clubs in Derby and Cheltenham. We are currently looking to open new clubs and expand further.

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The main aim of CRCA UK is to teach the art of Wing Chun to the best of our ability to all those who are willing to learn and respect the system.

All our classes have a friendly atmosphere - we want everyone to enjoy training, have fun but also to work hard!

All class instructors are themselves high-grade students of Sifu Randy Williams, founder of the Close Range Combat Academy. CRCA originated in the USA, but now has clubs all over the world, including Germany, Portugal, Romania, France, Italy, Chile, Mexico and of course, England. We are the only official representitive of the CRCA in the UK, and it is the CRCA's exact style of Wing Chun that we teach.

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The CRCA's international popularity is a result of many years of hard work by Randy, carrying out the teachings of Wing Chun that he received from Sifu George Yau, Sifu Augustine Fong (America) and Sifu Ho Kam Ming (Hong Hong).
Randy has has worked as a bodyguard for such stars as Steven Seagal, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins and U2.
In addition to his schools, Randy is well known for his books and for his numerous and detailed DVDs. Randy's friends in the martial arts world include famous instructors such as Dan Lee and Ted Wong, considered to be two of Bruce Lee's best students. At the time of writing Randy has been training in Wing Chun for over 40 years.


In 2016, Randy handed the responsibility of Head CRCA Instructor to Sifu Mario Lopez of CRCA Gernany. Mario is a long time student and friend of Randy's. He has been training in Wing Chun since 1980. He met Randy in 1995 and now teaches CRCA Wing Chun full-time in Duisburg.

CRCA UK Chief Instructor is Andy Walker. Andy has studied CRCA Wing Chun for 18 years. He is now a direct student of Randy, but started his CRCA career under Sifu Gavin Blackburn. Gavin originally founded CRCA UK and is a long time friend and student of Randy's. Andy teaches the Derby class.

CRCA Cheltenham Instructor is Gary Angove. Gary has studied CRCA Wing Chun for over 20 years and is has also learnt from both Gavin and now Randy.